Social Media Contests

Periodically we run social media photo competitions, with prizes or recognition awards. These contests can be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or a combination of those mentioned above. Our social media contests are designed to recognise the photography community, increase user engagement and build awareness of some great images and talented individuals among our followers.

Regardless if we set criteria for a theme, such as colour or subject or merely leave the matter of the theme open, the social media contests are fun and short running. From start to finish each social media contest will last no longer than 30 days.

We like to keep the rules for our social media contests simple and judging with scoring becomes a contribution from the community. The attributed scores, calculated by the use of social media competition software, are a combination of the number of post or picture shares, comments, and likes.

Each contest will have a variety of simple rules, but we expect entrants to abide by the spirit of the contest. Generally, the rules will incorporate the following requirements.

The specific use of hashtags – Posting Date after the opening of the contest  – Follow Us – No Bought Comments or Likes – No tagging of people who are not in the photo. Below are examples of contest themes.


Long Exposure


Our Social Media Contests will be announced on the respective media such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, as and when they become active. Follow XposureXPF to ensure you don’t miss out on any announcements.
N.B. The contest winner will be responsible for postal charges of physical items that are required to be shipped overseas. These costs are related to shipping at the typical post office or courier rate. The recipient is also responsible for any duties or taxes that may become due upon importation.