Judging Procedure

For this Scholarship Award, Timothy Allen acts as the Jury. Ultimately the Scholarship will be awarded to FIVE individuals. There are no runner-up categorisation or awards

Judging Procedure
All submitted images will be initially be screened by the Jury to eliminate any offensive or culturally sensitive material.

Round One – Entries judged by artistic merit and overall impact
Round Two – Entries judged on composition, technical quality, and effectiveness of expressing the category theme

Round One Process
The jury will review each entry and apply a credit rating on Overall Impact and Artistic Merit. The combined ratings from this process form the round one score.

Short List Round One
The 25 highest ranked images will go forward to round two. In the case that two or more pictures are in ranking position 25 all those images with an identical score will go ahead into round two.

Round Two Process
In Round Two the Jury will apply a rating based on Photographic / Technical Quality, Image Composition, and Effectiveness in expressing the category theme.

The Jury considers three aspects (criteria) for each image and allocates credits on each element. The cumulative scores will determine the ranking. Should one or more images be placed equally in ranking 1, 2 or 3, there shall be a final “Tie-Break” round of judging.

Tie-Break Process
In the case when a Tie Break is necessary, the jury will consider the particular images once again based on the criteria of Originality and apply a rating of 1 to 6 in this process and also consider captions or story description.