• Season: Season 2021
  • Category: Landscape
  • Description: Utah, USA 2019
    The alien-like "Venus" was taken in Utah, USA. This photo was taken in January 2019. It was taken by aerial photography, and the tension of the composition line was created in panoramic mode. The terrain contour leads to the distant mountain. Kelvin reckoned that he had to be quick to shoot as he had only 5 minutes after sunset because when the sun is shining, the contrast of the light may be too high, the visual effect is not ideal, but when shooting 5 minutes after sunset, the light at that time would be relatively softer and more pleasing. The sky is a little red, which can emphasize the mountain's shape and the landscape's lines, and the fantastic terrain here resembles the effect of aliens in the movie.
  • Location: Utah, USA
  • Date: on