• Season: Season 2021
  • Category: Architectural Photography
  • Description: Humans are obsessed with time and yet there are places on earth where time stands still. COVID-19 has frozen time temporarily in the way we interact with each other. This relationship between human-time and earth-time is made even more relative at the site of the Great Pyramids of Giza where time is frozen. There is a strong desire to unfreeze our time during which we have longed for that human touch while the world came together under a single umbrella.
    Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn said: When I was approached with the possibility of exhibiting one of my sculptures in front of humanity’s most glorious timeless creations, it was a dream come true. I also realized it was a daunting task because no artist on earth today can equal the beauty and perfection of the magnificent ancient Egyptian pyramids.
    The image was taken in Egypt on 29/10/2021 at the "FOREVER IS NOW" art exhibition.
  • Location: Great Pyramids Of Giza - Egypt
  • Date: on