• Season: Season 2021
  • Category: Wildlife Photography
  • Description: I wanted to capture all 4 elements in one frame the sky, water, and habitat they live in while the subject facing me. The only way I could combine these elements in one frame was to be above the orangutang and position downwards to capture the face and the perfect reflection of the sky in the still water below it.

    The image is taken from a tree deep inside the jungle, for shooting this image we began our journey with a 3-hour boat ride across a sea with waves that get as high as 5 feet tall in small fiber boats that can barely fit 2 people. We entered the mouth of a small river that only has an opening between high tide and low tide; which made it impossible for us to leave the location in the afternoon as the tide departed and the ocean became too rough for our boat to pass through.

    As we got closer to the targeted location, the trees and jungle got too thick for our boat to pass so we were forced to continue on foot. Trekking through tree limbs with huge crocodile-infested water at waist depth and cameras held above our heads. Finally, I made it to my final destination, the huge tree and I climbed up on it for this shot and waited for a nearby orangutan to climb up.

    Location: Borneo, Indonesia
  • Location: Borneo, Indonesia
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