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  • Description: This is the last remaining boat of Bengal. Traditionally it is called Malar. Its design date back 3000 years old! Due to rapid urbanization, this kind of heritage is disappearing. It is very difficult to preserve this kind of big wooden hull in Bangladesh. This Malar boat is 93 feet (28m) under bamboo scaffolding- to turn a Bengali wooden boat, the bamboo scaffolding is the only method available. The rope is passed under the boat through the hole, and onto the pulleys.

    To overhaul this kind of traditional boat it is required more than 100 people. There are limitless steps and processes to preserve this kind of Malar boat. This is why this kind of boat is extinct nowadays in Bangladesh. Friendship NGO is preserving this kind of precious heritage in Bangladesh.

    Pabna, Bangladesh - 16 October 2019
  • Location: Pabna, Bangladesh - 16 October 2019
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