• Season: Season 2021
  • Category: Wildlife Photography
  • Description: The Kingfisher is a small and incredibly skilled bird that enchants with its hunting abilities as well as its beauty. The Kingfisher is always a hungry bird due to its extremely fast metabolism. It feeds on small fish, sometimes smaller amphibians, but with a few exceptions, it can catch fish the size of itself. By watching the fish from the branch on which it is waiting, it crashes into the water at lightning speed and catches its prey with its long and thin beak. The whole process takes place in an incredibly short time, an average of one and a half seconds from the moment you throw off the branch, dive into the water and return back to the branch. On this occasion, he caught two fish at once, in the winter months where snow covered the landscape and the branch from which he fished.

    Gorican, Croatia
  • Location: Gorican, Croatia
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