Do other entries from the same entrant reflect a similar quality to this image?
Entrant: Admin Awards (Check Other Entries)
Does this image contain inappropriate or socially sensitive elements?
The Rules do stipulate that inappropriate, or socially sensitive entries will be disqualified. However from time to time the judges may overlook this area during the PASS/FAIL round. Since the leaderboard and progress through to Round Two is automatically generated an inappropriate entry may slip through and should be marked down at this point.
Are there parts of the key subject that fall out of focus causing distraction?
View Full Screen and use the image magnifier to check details
Is there a large part of the photograph that is unintentionally empty or has no meaningful content, to an extent that the view appears wanting?
Are areas or colours in the image that appear unintentionally bright or dark?
Unless an image is obviously abstract or includes an intended area of dark shadow, all significant areas of a photo should be lit adequately to show some texture or other detail.
Are areas of the image of particularly bright illumination that detract from the image.
Do colours appear too strong or exaggerated for effect
Is there an excessive application of HDR (high dynamic range) as indicated by "unnatural" skies or other odd-looking hues?
Do you consider this image has commercial potential?
Do you consider this image has documentary potential?
Do you have any reason to believe that the image is NOT the intellectual property or copyright of another person?
Type NO or elaborate on reason you believe its an infringement of IP or Copyright
My Review on this image has impacted the Jury Score by:
This revised score is based on your input but for the final points allocated to the entry it will be calculated from the average score adjustment based on all committee members decisions.