Travel Photography Awards
The Beauty Of The Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is a dance art originating from Bali. The art of this Kecak dance is performed by dozens of male dancers sitting in a line in a circular pattern and with a certain rhythm calling “cak, cak, cak” and raising both arms. In this photo, there is a dancer who plays like a monkey named “Hanuman” who is in the middle of other dancers.

Amir Syamsuddin Al Arif
Pasuruan City, Indonesia
Travel Photography Awards
Camels Galloping In The Desert

Camels run down from the top of a dune in the Baogutu desert area, Naiman Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia.

Dajun Zhu
Guangzhou, China
Travel Photography Awards


The Story Of Preserving Heritage.

This is the last wooden boat of Bangladesh. Traditionally it is called Malar. Its design date back 3000 years old! This boat is 28 meters long under bamboo scaffolding- to turn a Bengali wooden boat, bamboo scaffolding is the only method available. To overhaul this boat it required 80 people. This is why this kind of boat is virtually extinct nowadays.

Md. Arifuzzaman
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Travel Photography Awards

At the end of the day, I was filming a buffalo farming student who was tired and asleep on a buffalo.

Pyi Moe Thu
Dawei, City., Myanmar
Travel Photography Awards



The story of man and horse has been told for thousands of years. No nation has a deeper origin than Mongolia and horses. For thousands of years, they deeply understand the value of horses, understand the language of horses, and are close to the soul of horses.

Ping Liu
Nanchang, China
Travel Photography Awards
Polar Bear 81

The image was taken in Nov. 2019 in Churchill, Canada. Polar bears and tourists seem to show curiosity toward each other.

Bob Chiu
Fuzhou, China
Travel Photography Awards
Buffalo Herd

Returning to Dokuzpınar Neighborhood before the sun sets, the herd of water buffaloes is cleaned by taking an end-of-day bath in the wet area of the village. The buffaloes in the dust removed by the herd offer a visual feast to the audience with the sunset.

Pasuruan City, Indonesia

Awards Committee Review

After the Jury completesd their scoring the shortlist was automatically generated and submitted to the Awards Committee who applied additional scoring criteria that either added points or deduct points thus creating the final seven Nominees published on this page.

In each category, there will be awarded:

One Winner
One Runner-up
Five Certificates of Merit

The Winner and Runner-up from each category will be invited to the Xposure Festival Awards Ceremony on 11 February 2023, where the final outcome of the position will be announced.

The 2022 Jury consisted of 32 professional photographers. The Xposure Awards and Oversite Committee comprises 7 leading Industry Expert Picture Editors