Good Shepherd

“Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep.” When I look at this photo I always remember these words. The dusty and arduous journey of sheep herds in Bitlis. Flocks of sheep do this dusty path to reach the highlands where they graze until the middle of July after milking. The Shepherds always with his sheep. Shepherds eat with them, talk with them, sleep with them and they can lay down his life for them if necessary. This is their life style.

F.Dilek Uyar


Children Happy Jump II

Bajau people refer to several Austronesian ethnic groups of Maritime Southeast Asia. They live a seaborne lifestyle and generally build their homes on stilts in the sea in east Malaysia and the Philippines. Though lacking in modern-day comforts, Bajau people are a jovial lot. This photo was taken in the seas near the town of Semporna in East Malaysia. I chartered a boat to Bajau communities off the mainland. Bajau children are very excited and happy anytime they see foreigners on boats. They want attention from the visitors and readily jump into the sea to “show off” their skills.

Chin Leong Teo


People on a Train

People waiting to go home at Dhaka train station.

Wei Fu


Stilt Houses in Phoenix Ancient Town

Phoenix Ancient Town, also know as “Fenghuang Ancient Town”, is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient town in the west area of Hunan Province that harbors unique ethnic languages, customs, arts as well as many distinctive architectural remains of Ming and Qing styles. The mountainous local area with rivers densely distributed and abundant trees has given birth to the distinctive and elegant stilt house. The stilt house, a kind of folk residence built on the stilts of different heights, is usually built beside the river or in steep mountain areas. At nightfall, when the lights were on, I captured the stunning view of the stilt houses.

Shenghua Yang


Wait for Lunch

The family sat around the traditional kitchen hearth waiting for the lunch prepared by the housewife. It was a happy and peaceful scene with the fire, the rising smoke and the beautiful music of the classic Tajik six-stringed musical instrument Shot in a nomad’s house in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, Xinjiang, China on October 20, 2019.

Mingqian Wang


Incensing Work

Vietnamese workers sit surrounded by thousands of incense sticks in Quang Phu Can, a village in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the sticks have been traditionally made for hundreds of years. Incense plays an important role in the spiritual lives of Vietnamese people. People use incense in all worship activities. The bamboo bundles are arranged on the ground on sunny days so as to dry them. To make the incense sticks the bamboo is first split in two, cleaned and dusted and then a third of the stick is coloured red, purple or yellow. To dry them the sticks are laid out on the ground or road-side for about one day. After they have dried, the sticks are collected and put into bunches of about ten and these are fastened together. They are then sold around the provinces.

Azim Khan Ronnie


Himalayan Dream

Silhouette of tourists riding on camels in the Himalayas with a beautiful mirror reflection.

Aditya Vardhan


Awards Committee Review

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