This close-up portrait of a Violet Dropwing (Trithemis annulata) Damselfly was taken in a gloomy location, covered by fog most of the day. It is an area of riverside vegetation with high-density water-rich oxygen. The Damselfly was somewhat dormant and I was able to take about 40 shots with a portable battery-powered electronic rail. Damselflies are found mainly near shallow freshwater and their nymphs are aquatic – Damselfly eggs are laid in water and that is where the nymphs develop.  Damselflies are considered beneficial bugs because they eat other & more harmful, bugs.

Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz


Potter Wasp

This shot was taken in a derelict house while the insect was sleeping. Filmed internally with stacking focus technology Sony a7r iii camera and Canon 65mm f: 2.8 1-5X (3.5X) lens were used. Depicting a type of wasp called a potter wasp Potter wasp is a type of wasp and has more than one color (yellow, white, orange, red, and other colors) And this kind of non-photographed red and black From there, he builds the nest by himself, and some of it lives between wood, stone, or any socket that you see safe Its most widely used nests are clay made from a mixture of soil and dried water. But many species use plant-chewing materials instead Where wasps are predators

Riyad Hamzi


Crimson World

With a trained and experienced eye for finding insects it’s an incredible fact that there are so many around us! I found one small damselfly covered with morning dew resting on flower. I carefully took flower with damselfly on it into my plant-house where I am protected from wind. Meanwhile the little damselfly has partially awaken and brushed some dew drops from his eyes, but not all. That was actually very welcomed, as now I got his eyes almost dry, but other parts of his body are still covered with dew. I took many shots as he was still in hibernate state. After he reached high enough temperature he started to warm up his wings and I let him fly out. For this photo I took 153 shots, and stacked them into one composite image. Sony a7R IV camera and Laowa 25mm 2.5-5x Ultra macro lens at 2.5:1 magnification, on tripod and electronic macro rails.

Petar Sabol


The Dark Knight

Portrait of Vespa Affinis – This Vespa affinis (lesser banded) Hornet was shot in Karawang City, West Java, Indonesia. Vespa affinis is notorious for its aggressive behaviour and powerful sting. They are widely distributed throughout tropical and subtropical Asia and are responsible for the highest number of deaths related to stings. – Sony ILCE-6500 with Canon 100 mm F 2.8 IS USM L Series + Raynox Dcr 250 at F: 16 for 1/40 s – Flas : Laowa Macro Twin Flash KX-800 with a diffuser.

Andi Abdul Halil


Wallace Flying Frog 1

Wallace’s Flying Frog is a moss frog found in Malaysia and western Indonesia. It is generally quite photogenic given its large size, brilliant colors, and calm temperament. This shot was a photo taken at a private aquarium in Batam, Indonesia, where I set up a tripod and camera and strobes shooting at high speed and captured the swimming motion of the frog. with full extension of its beautiful long legs.

Chin Leong Teo



A small group of Weaver ants collaborate and move the dead insect back to their nest for food reserves. Weaver ants live in trees and are known for their unique nest building skills where workers construct nests by weaving together leaves using larval silk. Weaver ant workers have a vice like grip and tremendous strength and have been recorded to support 100 times their own weight

Ajar Setiadi


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